Keynote Speaker: Professor David Christian

Big History Institute, Macquarie University

David’s program describes human history in the context of very large times scales from cosmology and astronomy, covering the almost fourteen billion years since the “Big Bang”.  It examines long time frames using a multidisciplinary approach based on combining numerous disciplines from science and the humanities, and explores human existence in the context of this bigger picture.

Keynote Speaker: Margret Meagher

Co-founder and Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Arts and Health

Margret is internationally recognised and has spent the past two decades committed to promoting the high impact of arts practice on health and wellbeing including creative ageing. Margret is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Arts and Health, a member of the arts and health interest group of the Royal Society for Public Health UK, a member of the International Advisory Board of the International Health and Humanities Network and Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Art & Design, UNSW

Professor Toni Robertson

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology UTS

Specialist in the design of interactive technologies.

Over the past six years has directed projects investigating how ageing people can participate in the design of new and emerging technologies and use these to support their ongoing independence and agency as they age.  Toni’s focus on technology design continues and earlier career as an artist, print maker and graphic designer.  Her work is held in major public collections in Australia.

Chris Mead

Director/Program Consultant Arts & Health Agency Tas and Creature Tales.

Chris and his partner Stephanie Finn, manage two small and agile art companies.  They focus on empowering age care providers to produce creative care plans for their clients and working in communities to prevent the poor health and economic outcomes of loneliness in older age.  Their work is nationally recognised, including the “National Leadership Award in Arts and Health” received by the Australian Centre for Arts and Health.

More news to come regarding other speakers and activities.